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Welcome to mattgphotography, the website of Gold Coast photographer matt g. Specialising in beauty & boudoir photography, music & band photography, and art & lifestyle photography, and as one of the Gold Coast’s most skilled and creative photographers in the studio and on location, matt g has earned a reputation for his artistic and striking images.

Although my images tend to be a bit dark, I'm well known on the Gold Coast for my enjoyable, relaxed photoshoots - photography is supposed to be fun!

With a long list of private and commercial clients, I have extensive experience working with professional models, performers, and brands, as well as those who have never done a photoshoot before, and can always bring out your best side.

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Photographic style

For my own photography projects, my images often have a dark, edgy feel. I use bold shadows and space to emphasise mood and to give the photographs an intense, sexy style. The style of the images lends itself to music photoshoots and alternative lifestyle and boudoir photography, which are what I enjoy doing most.

Although my images tend towards a somewhat darker style, I like to shoot high-key and colourful once in a while and, as a professional photographer, I'll always modify the lighting and composition of the photography to make sure it's in a style that suits you best.

Photography career and experience

Originally from London, I moved to Australia back in 2007. I didn't start in the studio, I started in the laboratory where I learned how to use cameras to take photos of cells. However, in 2011, I took off my lab coat for the last time and became a full-time professional photographer.

Initially based in Sydney, I learnt studio photography on the job in a variety of studios with a number of world-class photographers. I also spent my time shooting live gigs at many of Sydney's live music venues where you could find me getting up close to the bands and shooting from the side of the stage.

In 2013, we moved up to the Gold Coast where I set up GCPhoto, the Gold Coast photography studio. Since then, I've established myself as one of the Gold Coast's leading beauty, music and lifestyle photographers.

The photography studio

I have my own studio in Tugun that is a well-equipped and versatile space for photography and there is a changing room and a place to relax, so photoshoots take place in a comfortable, relaxed and professional environment.

The studio has all the equipment to get sensational photographs, as well as an editing suite where I can mix a little Photoshop magic into the images.

Get in touch

You can get in touch with matt g via the contact button below (email is usually quickest) or you can check out my (sadly neglected) socials at Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Like my stuff, share my images, or just get in contact for a chat!

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