How can I get in contact with mattgphotography?
You can contact matt g via the contact page or by phone (0479 060 317).

Where is mattgphotography based?
My photography studio is in Tugun (QLD 4224) on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

What are your hours?
The studio is usually open from 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday, but a shoot can be arranged for any time by appointment.

Do you do photoshoots?
Yes, of course! If you need a modelling photoshoot, a band or performance photoshoot, or a lifestyle portrait shoot, then get in touch.

What types of photography do you do?
matt g specialises in beauty, music and lifestyle photography. I'm particularly interested in alternative lifestyles and people with a bit of a character.

What should I wear to my photoshoot?
This question gets asked so often that I made a page for it... What To Wear To Your Photoshoot

Are you insured?
Yes. mattgphotography and the studio is fully covered by public liability insurance.

Where's the small print?
Terms and conditions can be found here.

Do you 'photoshop' your shots?
Yes. Rather than taking a photograph of what I can see, I take a photograph to make into a beautiful or dramatic image. Sometimes this will be just a little tweak to give reality a helping hand but sometimes it will involve completely changing the image so that it shows what's in my head, not what's in front of my camera.

Can I reproduce an image on your website?
Only with permission. A charge for reproduction of photographic images may be applicable. Please get in touch if you wish to use an image from this or any associated website (including social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter) before reproducing any image. Reproduction of any image without express permission will be treated as a breach of copyright law.